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Academic Advising

CU Navigate Training, Access and Resources

CU Navigate training is now online in Tiger Training!

Our team has added training resources for CU Navigate through Tiger Training so that you can become familiar with the system at your convenience.

Most faculty and staff who work with students will only need the “normal” advisor access, which is automatic after completing the online training. If you need an additional level of access, contact

CU Navigate – Production CU Navigate – Test

Access to CU Navigate

Please complete the CU Navigate User Training through Tiger Training. Once you have completed the training, access to CU Navigate should be requested as part of the Security Request Form. For this option to appear on the form, you will need to click the radio button labeled “Registrar.”

  1. Fill out the username and supervisor.
  2. Click Registrar.
  3. Click Modify Access (current employees with iROAR access) or New User Access **(new employees or new iROAR access).
  4. Put in the justification for needing CU Navigate access.
  5. Click CU Navigate.
  6. Click Advisor.
  7. Click No for the registration coordinator.
  8. Click Submit.*

*If you receive the following alert, “username has not completed one or more requirements. Please complete all required training or documentation,” you will need to submit a new Confidentiality Statement and make sure your FERPA training is up to date. Access to iROAR has changed over time, so even if you have iROAR access, your form will need to be updated.

**New Clemson employees will need to work with their supervisors when requesting access, as you must also request access to iROAR and/or other student systems. New Clemson employees will need to complete FERPA training and the Confidentiality Statement.

Access to CU Navigate for Student Employees

Please use the form below to request access for currently enrolled students employed as tutors, front desk workers or both. Please fill out the form completely for your student employee and submit it. Currently, we do not have specific training for tutors or front desk workers. Please refer to the resources below for manuals on creating availability and an appointment summary. If you have any questions about access, please contact


Below are some resources to help you begin using CU Navigate and continue learning after your initial training sessions. This resource evolves with usage, so please bookmark this page as your first place for answering questions!

If you don’t find the information here that you need, please contact with your questions.


  • Why am I receiving notifications for my students when they schedule appointments with other advisors?

    Any advisor assigned to a student (primary, secondary, etc.) will receive notifications regarding any activity by that student within CU Navigate. Many advisors have created rules in Outlook and/or Gmail to archive these messages into a subfolder automatically.

  • Why am I receiving notifications for students not assigned to me as their primary advisor?

    All primary and secondary assigned advisees are displayed via CU Navigate. In some cases, departments are removing secondary advisors to address this concern. Otherwise, many advisors have created rules in Outlook and/or Gmail to archive these messages into a subfolder automatically.

  • What is the difference between an appointment summary and a note?

    The advising appointment summary is appropriate for documenting appointments with your students. These reports are available in the student view. Notes are most suitable for recording email conversations, drop-in appointments and other interactions unrelated to a scheduled appointment (e.g., sticky notes).

  • How do I file an appointment summary?

    You will see your recent appointments from your home page (scroll down). Select the appointment you would like to report. Select actions > add appointment summary. It will auto-populate some of the details from the scheduled appointment; however, you should verify the arrival and departure time on the left-hand side.

  • Can I edit an appointment summary?

    Yes. Open the appointment summary you would like to edit. The “Edit Report” option is in the bottom right-hand corner. If you are unable to see that option, please email