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Academic Advising

CU Navigate for Faculty and Staff

CU Navigate links college leaders, advisors, staff and students in a coordinated care network designed to give students clearer pathways and curated guidance from application to graduation. With this platform, we have access to research and predictive analytics to enhance our student experience, leading to higher graduation rates, better retention and ultimately, increased student success.

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CU Navigate allows us to:

  • Identify and prioritize students that are at academic risk and require intervention.
  • Coordinate proactive early alert campaigns and student outreach.
  • Engage students in academic advising and student support services.
  • Create a holistic view of the student’s academic progress

CU Navigate has useful tools for faculty and staff, including:

  • View of students’ records and progress.
  • Appointment scheduling and record keeping.
  • User-friendly search tools and reports.
  • Simplified student outreach.

How CU Navigate Works for Students

Students have two options for accessing CU Navigate:

(1) Log in using their Clemson credentials on their laptop.

(2) Download the Guide App on their cellphone.

Students can schedule appointments through the web-based platform or Guide app. Students will select the blue Schedule an Appointment button on the web-based platform. Within the Guide App, they will choose the Appointments tab. Both options will walk students through a workflow of questions to assist them with scheduling appointments with the correct faculty or staff member.

Students can only access advising reports and notes through the web-based platform. After logging into CU Navigate with their Clemson credentials, students should select the Reports tab to access advising appointment summaries and notes. They can also use the Reports tab to cancel an appointment.

Students with more than one major can schedule an appointment with their advisor for each major.

Contact Information

For technical support, please email

Manager of Student Success Technology


College representatives for the CU Navigate Leadership Team are:

College Representative Email

The Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business

Emily Danuser

College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences

Katie Black

College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences

Stephanie Evans

College of Architecture, Art and Construction and College of Arts and Humanities

Rachel Mustin

College of Architecture, Art and Construction and College of Arts and Humanities

Julia Dingle

College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Allysa Sutton

College of Science

Adam Hunter

College of Education

Valerie Oonk

Honors College

Londan Charley

Former Students Returning

Joe Wilson