Accommodations and Services

Acquiring Accommodations at Clemson University

To acquire accommodations at Clemson, you will generally need to make arrangements with either Student Accessibility Services (click to skip to Student Accessibility Services section) or the Office of Access and Equity (click to skip to Office of Access and Equity section).

Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services (Link opens in new tab.)

Suite 239, Academic Success Center

This office:

  • Primarily handles student accommodations.
  • Serves those with temporary (ex: broken arm) and permanent disabilities.
  • Serves those with physical, psychological, learning, and other types of disabilities.
  • Advises faculty and departments on meeting students' needs.
  • Promotes proactive accessibility efforts.

Student Accommodation Process Overview

Students in need of accommodations can request them at any time. To request an accommodation, begin by contacting the Student Accessibility Services office. After reaching out, a Welcome meeting is scheduled to determine which accommodations will be the most appropriate. While not required prior to the meeting, it is generally helpful to submit the most recent documentation from third-party and/or medical professionals to the AIM portal (Link opens in new tab.) prior to the Welcome meeting. 

Some accommodation requests may need to be assessed on a semester or annual basis.

For more details on the process, please visit Student Accessibility Service's Guidelines (Link opens in new tab.) page.

Please note, all testing accommodations (ex: more time on tests) need to be approved through the Student Accessibility Service office prior to the exam.

Office of Access and Equity

Office of Access and Equity (Link opens in new tab.)

Office 223A, Brackett Hall

This office:

  • Primarily handles employee and visitor accommodations.
  • Serves those with temporary (ex: broken arm) and permanent disabilities.
  • Serves those with physical, psychological, learning, and other types of disabilities.
  • Advises on improving inclusion and campus accessibility.
  • Advises on complying with legal regulations.

Employee and Visitor Accommodation Process Overview

Employees and Visitors seeking accommodations can make requests at any time.

Employees with qualified disabilities (according to the Americans with Disabilities Act) can begin the request process by completing the Accommodation Request Form (Link opens in new tab.) and return it to the Office of Access and Equity. Once the form is submitted, the ADA Coordinator will usually schedule an in-person or phone meeting to identify which accommodations will be most appropriate. During this meeting, it may be determined that additional documentation from your physician may be required.

Visitors seeking accommodations will need to contact the ADA Coordinator or the office sponsoring the event they plan to attend in order to arrange appropriate accommodations.

Employees and Visitors with questions regarding service animals should contact the ADA Coordinator.

Accommodation Information

Information about some of the accommodations you may discuss are linked below.

At event, sign language interpreting service is being used.

Acquiring Accessibility Services

Clemson University is dedicated to making the campus experience, including campus events, accessible. To this end, various departments on campus provide services that can help make your events and content accessible.

American Sign Language Interpreting for Campus Events (Link opens in new tab.)

All Clemson University events open to the public that do not require registration should provide ASL interpreters. This said, it is encouraged that all Clemson University events provide ASL interpreters. To acquire this service, fill out the Office of Access and Equity's request form (Link opens in new tab.) . A cost is associated with this service.

Accessible Transportation on Campus (Link opens in new tab.)

In addition to the accessible Catbuses (Link opens in new tab.) , and accessible rides to Greenville through Greenvillelink and Tiger Commute (Link opens in new tab.) , the office of Parking and Transportation provides the following services for campus events:

Video and Audio File Accessibility Services (Link opens in new tab.)

If you are a Clemson employee (or otherwise authorized student) in need transcripts for audio files or captions and audio descriptions for video files, Clemson Online can use their partnership with two vendors to meet your needs. This service does have a cost associated with it, unless the media meets certain parameters that are described on the Multimedia Accessibility Service (Link opens in new tab.) page. Directions for making the media accessible yourself are also available.

Test Proctoring Services (Link opens in new tab.)

Test proctoring services are provided by the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office through the University Testing and Education Center (UTEC) located on the second floor of Vickery Hall. UTEC provides a supplemental service to Clemson University faculty. The center’s mission is to assist faculty in their efforts to provide accommodated testing for students who are registered with Student Accessibility Services and are approved for accommodated testing for the current semester. Tests can be scheduled only during posted hours of operation for the University Testing and Education Center (Link opens in new tab.) .