Report Accessibility Obstacles

In an effort to make our campus more accessible, you can help us by reporting the accessibility violations.

Report Physical Barrier form (Link opens in new tab.)

Report Physical Obstacles (Link opens in new tab.)

Have you found bricks missing from sidewalks, walkways that have cracked and/or shifted to create uneven surfaces, doors that aren't wide enough for wheelchair users, handicap bathroom stalls with no handrails, incorrect accessibility information on the website that prevent physical access, and so forth? Use the linked form to inform Student Accessibility Services of these barriers.

Report Digital Barriers form

Report Digital Obstacles

Have you found text on the website that does not have strong enough color contrast, text that is written as if it is supposed to be linked text but isn't actually linked, non-decorative images with inadequate or missing descriptions (alt text (Link opens in new tab.) ), text that is styled to look like headings but isn't programmatically identified as headings, forms with improperly labeled form fields, etc.? Use the linked form to inform CCIT.