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College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Imagine. Create. Connect.

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Welcome to the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

By uniting the humanities with the disciplines of arts and design/building, CAAH encourages its community to address local, state, national and global challenges through critical thinking and creative ideas. Our fields of study, from English to Construction Science to Performing Arts, are as diverse as our students, and we strive for an inclusive and equitable environment that sparks imaginative solutions, provides opportunities for all, welcomes an array of voices and grows students into leaders that are ready to meet the world.

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    Dean Nicholas Vazsonyi

    “There is only one College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities on Earth, and it is at Clemson University. The College strives to celebrate its unique combination of fields, bringing together the pursuit of knowledge with practical application of that knowledge to build a better and more beautiful world. ”

    Nicholas Vazsonyi
    College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

    CAAH News

    Writing Lab

    Sponsored by the Clemson English Department, the goal of the Writing Lab is to support all members of the Clemson community to become more confident and effective writers. For whatever you are working on, the Writing Lab can help you find the most effective way to communicate your message.

    Fluid Campus

    Barcelona. Genoa. Charleston. Clemson University's trademarked Fluid Campus system gives our School of Architecture students a study abroad experience that is fully immersive and academically robust. Our College considers study abroad to be more than an add-on; it is a vital piece of the learning experience. Learn how our College connects students to the world.

    Brooks Center

    Established in 1994, the Brooks Center has been the hub for the performing arts in Clemson for more than two decades. This 87,000-square-foot facility serves as a professional roadhouse, hosting professional dance, theatre, and musical performances throughout the academic year in its spacious, yet intimate, 979-seat proscenium auditorium.

    Center for Visual Arts

    Visit the Lee Gallery. Experience Atelier Public Art exhibitions. Support community art. Our artists' visions take many forms, and their passions lead to unlimited destinations. The Clemson University Center for Visual Arts is ready to engage and support the artistic journey.

    College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities
    College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities | 108 Strode Tower, Clemson, SC 29634