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College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Jennie Wakefield, MA, RSME

Jennie Wakefield, MA, RSME

Senior Lecturer

Department of English
Office: 708 Strode
Phone: 864.656.3151

M.A., Clemson University (2001); B.F.A., Boston Conservatory of Music (1977); Associate Teacher, Tamalpa Institute (2014)


Composition & Rhetoric (ENGL 1030); The Role of Dance in Culture (HUM 3090); Writing, Body, & Earth (Honors Seminar); Writing the Personal Occupational Narrative (Advanced Comp)

Research Interests
embodied cognition and creativity

I'm interested in how direct, mindful, kinesthetic experience activates creativity and innovation. As a teacher, I play with intentionality and ways to approach cognition, expression, and communication through embodied experience. This approach is a way to affirm the human spirit – individually and collectively, to address the warring polarities of life and art, mind and body, one person and the next person.

Professional/Research Links

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