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College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

CAAH Student Ambassadors

CAAH Ambassador student group picture


The CAAH Ambassadors work with the Student Services Center to promote the College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities to prospective students in a variety of ways. Ambassadors provide facility tours, participate in student panels, assist with visit events, host our annual Fusion event for students to showcase their work, conduct outreach to accepted students, and much more.

2021-2022 CAAH Ambassador Executive Board

Rachel Amaral, President

Brady Hayes, Vice President

Lauren Mistretta, Social Media Chair

Lindsey Hundemer, Global Engagement Liaison

Angie Mendoza, Treasurer

Destiny Stewart, Pre-Law Liaison


2021-2022 Ambassadors:

Last Name First Name Exec Role Major
Bradshaw Lauren ARCH
Choice Amber ARCH
Cost  Maddy ARCH
Goldner Steph ARCH
Maria  Shannon ARCH
Mendoza Angie Treasurer ARCH
Miller Hannah ARCH
Rhinehart Ellie ARCH
Sheridan Hailey ARCH
Wallace Brianna ARCH
Hankins Caleigh CSM
Bryant Acacia ENGL
Pendarvis Anna ENGL
Rabon Kathryn ENGL
Mistretta Lauren Social Media Chair HIST
Stewart Destiny Pre-Law Liaison HIST
Bland  Elizabeth LAIB(FR)
Gioffre William LAIB(SPAN)
Kennedy Sarah LAIB(SPAN)
Stafford Madelyn LARC
Adbelnabi Rund LIH(SPAN)
Melzer Lindsey LIH(SPAN)
Hundemer Lindsey Global Engagement Liaison LIH(SPAN)
Amaral Rachel President LIH(SPAN)
Vincelette August MLAN(ASL)
Rush Deasia PAS
Hayes Brady Vice President PERF: THEA
Tedford Cate PHIL
O'Bryon Emma PHIL(LLJ)
Jiunnies Tyner REL
Curtis Jacob WCIN


College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities
College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities | 108 Strode Tower, Clemson, SC 29634