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Equine Center

Camp Rules & Policies


All campers must have primary health insurance and provide a copy of proof of insurance prior to the start of camp, to be kept on file.

Helmet Policy

The Clemson University Equine Center requires that all riders wear protective headgear that meets or surpasses current ASTM/SEI standards while riding. The headgear must be properly fitted and worn firmly placed on the top of the head with the strap or harness securely fastened.

It is the responsibility of the rider, and the rider's parent or guardian, to confirm that the headgear worn by the rider complies with the safety standards set forth above; is properly fitted and fastened; and is in sufficiently good condition that it will protect the rider in the event of an accident. All campers are required to wear a helmet regardless of riding level or discipline.

Covid-19 Safety

The health and safety of campers is our utmost concern. Our policies are constantly evolving to comply with the most current CDC recommendations, Clemson University required policies, and American Camp Association best operating practices. As camp approaches, parents and campers will be kept apprised of current safety practices and testing policies as applicable.

Family/Guest Visitation

Parents are welcome to visit the horse farm on the opening night when campers are dropped off, and on the concluding day when campers are picked up. However, in order for all campers to get the most out of

their camp experience, no parent, guardian, family member or guest may visit during camp unless expressly pre-approved by the camp director. If you are concerned about your child or just want to check in with camp staff, please feel free to contact the camp director, Frannie Wilson, at or 864-646-3554.

Behavior Policy

Safety will be emphasized at all times. To ensure a safe atmosphere, campers must strictly comply with camp personnel and policies. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in the camper being sent home at the parents' expense.

The following misconduct WILL result in a camper being sent home:

  • Deliberate cruelty to animals
  • Deliberate destruction of facilities or equipment
  • Possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs
  • Blatant discourtesy to camp personnel
  • Disregard of camp personnel’s requests to obey rules and regulations
  • Disrespectful or dangerous behavior toward other campers or staff
  • Unacceptable or dangerous conduct
  • Possession or use of fireworks
  • Use of inappropriate language

DO NOT Bring

The following items are not allowed at camp and will result in a camper being sent home immediately

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • TVs and/or electronic games
  • Illegal drugs
  • Knives, guns, or other weapons
  • Fireworks