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Mental Health - Winter

This fall, take time to gather with friends—both old and new—and find ways to be present, reconnect, and show kindness.

Don't let technology distract you from the present moment – try to meet with friends for genuine conversations every week, technology free.

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A simple act of kindness can go a long way – get together with a friend and do something nice for them.


Don't forget to stay in contact with your friends and family back home – make time for a phone call.

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This winter, remember that there are ways to relax and reach out when you’re stressed.

Take a couple minutes to be mindful – take deep, slow breaths; check in with your senses; what do you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell?

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Engage in fun activities off your phone – try playing board games or cards while spending time with friends.

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Reach out to a friend on the Crisis Text Line by texting "tigers" to 741-741.

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