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Watt Family Innovation Center

Faculty and Staff Space Reservations

Reserve a Classroom or Research Space

Requesting class and research space is for Faculty/Staff ONLY. We encourage you to host classes and research groups that make use of Watt Center technology and space features. It is recommended that you visit the Watt Center and learn how to use the technology before your class begins. Please complete the course request form if you would like to host your course or research project in the Watt Center.

Reserve a Project Room or Meeting Room

The Watt Center offers 14 project rooms and several other meeting rooms that can be reserved in advance. For all requests, please go to the Watt Center Seat and Space Bookings webpage. If you are in need of assistance, please call our executive suite at 864-656-9408 during service desk hours. If your meeting requires space for 70+ attendees, see Reserve Event Space below.

Reserve Event Space

If you would like to host a large one-time meeting or event in the Watt Center that meets any ONE of the following criteria: occurs outside of normal building operating hours, requires security and/or technical assistance during the event, uses the Watt Center atrium and/or auditorium, expects 70+ in attendance, uses more than one Watt Center room or space, or includes the availability of food and drink to attendees.

Watt Family Innovation Center
Watt Family Innovation Center | 405 South Palmetto Boulevard