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Cooperative Extension: EFNEP


Personal & Family Wellness

EFNEP’s programmatic content and methodology are evidence-and research-based, using knowledge gained from social, behavioral, and biological sciences to improve the program continually and to address emerging issues. EFNEP focuses on food-related practices to help program participants achieve personal and family wellness. Participants learn to:

  • Choose and eat foods of adequate variety and appropriate quantity and to be physically active to improve health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases
  • Improve food resource management practices such as purchasing, selecting, or otherwise obtaining; preparing; and storing foods to increase the sustained availability of healthy foods
  • Practice safe food handling to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses
  • Identify and use emergency and non-emergency food assistance, as needed to, to ensure household food security
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“The EFNEP classes helped me to understand how to save money on a tight budget by planning ahead.”

EFNEP Partners 

Clemson University Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) partners with several agencies and organizations across South Carolina counties to recruit and provide programming to adult and youth participants. Partnering agencies and organizations are but not limited to: 

  • Adult Education Centers
  • Adult/Vocational Rehabilitation Centers
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers
  • Faith-based organizations
  • First Step
  • SC Department of Health
  • SC Department of Social Services
  • Public Housing
  • Family/homeless Shelters
  • Head Start Parents
  • Snap-ed & WIC Offices
  • Parks & Recreation Community Centers
  • Title 1 Schools
  • After School Program

Other organizations serving limited resource families and youth 

Partnering agencies help EFNEP recruiting eligible participants, provide meeting places as well as volunteers to serve in support service role. 

EFNEP Nutrition Educators (NE) are trained and skilled with researched based learning model that allows them to effectively reach and educate program participants. Nutrition educators use hands-on interactive teaching methods and committed to delivering sound instructions from evidenced-based curricula. Most importantly Nutrition Educators are members of the community they support and able to influence changes in behavior and impact lives of those they reach. 

EFNEP provides program materials, handouts, and equipment necessary for lessons, activities and food demonstration. 

Interested to become a partner with EFNEP? 

If you or your organization is interested in partnership with EFNEP, please reach out to Dr. Tarana Khan, Program Team Director at

Cooperative Extension Expanded Food and Nutrition Program
Cooperative Extension Expanded Food and Nutrition Program | 103 Barre Hall Clemson, SC 29634