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Cooperative Extension Service: Household & Structural Urban Entomology

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Entomology Fact Sheets

Home & Garden Information Center

HGIC is designed to complement Clemson’s network of professionals and volunteers by answering the routine types of calls and thereby freeing agents to deal with commercial agriculture/horticulture questions and conduct proactive programming to larger audiences.

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Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic

Regulatory Services

The Clemson University Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic is a multi-disciplinary program which provides diagnoses and management recommendations for plant and turf problems, which include diseases, nematodes, weeds, environmental issues, nutritional deficiencies and insect pests of plants.

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Household & Structural Urban Entomology
Household & Structural Urban Entomology | 277 Poole Ag Center Clemson, SC 29634-0310