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Faculty Senate


This is a repository of governing documents related to faculty-shared governance.

To facilitate the participation of the faculty in shared governance, the faculty is formally organized per the Constitution of the Faculty of Clemson University (PDF), as approved by the Clemson University Board of Trustees.

The Clemson University Faculty Manual (PDF) is a compilation of information relating to faculty participation in the governance of the University. It includes summaries of those University policies and procedures that are of major concern to faculty.

In conformity with policies adopted by the Board of Trustees in January 1981, the Faculty of each college and department, or equivalent unit, is organized following the bylaws developed by its Faculty under guidelines for the governance of academic units.

Departmental regular faculty determine the tenure, promotion, and reappointment standards; procedures for selecting the TPR committee; and the procedures the committee must follow beyond those stipulated in the Faculty Manual. These standards and procedures will be stipulated in a department’s TPR document distinct from department or unit bylaws.

Policies related to the Board of Trustees administration of the University can be found on the BOT website.

Faculty Senate
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