Academic Advising Committee

Last Updated:   9/22/2023

Contact Name

Rhonda Todd, Administrative Coordinator for the Dean of Undergraduate Studies


Academic Advisory Committee:

  1. Oversees coordination of University advising activities (including college academic advising centers, academic support center, colleges, etc.);
  2. Informs advisors of current policies on advising;
  3. Periodically reviews the mission of academic advising;
  4. Coordinates assessments of the University advising system;
  5. Provides professional development for advisors.

This committee is authorized and described in the Clemson University Faculty Manual. Changes to its description or composition should be initiated with the current President of the Faculty Senate.

Membership Composition

The Chair is elected by and from the membership

Membership Composition - Academic Advising Committee
Seat Type Quantity Term Length Date of Term Initiation Seat Filling Mechanism Voting or Non-Voting Other Factors
Faculty Member (any) (2 per college) 14 2 years August 15 Elected by faculty accorded voting rights in each college Voting Staggered terms  
Faculty or staff member (Representative of the Office of Undergraduate Studies) 1 unknown August 15 Unknown Non-voting  
Faculty or staff member 2 2 years August 15 Appointed by Dean of Undergraduate Studies Voting  
Faculty or staff member (Nominees should have experience and interest in advising) 7 2 years August 15 Elected by faculty accorded voting rights in each college Voting  
Undergraduate Student 1 1 year August 15 Nominated by President of the Undergraduate Student Senate and Appointed by Dean of Undergraduate Studies Voting  

Membership List (Last Updated: 9/22/2023)

Changes to the current chair and membership list should be initiated with the Faculty Senate Office.


Chair List - Academic Advising Committee
Name Chair Type Email* College or Division Department Term Start Term End


Member List - Academic Advising Committee
Name Seat Type Email* College or Division Department Service Start Service End
Mickayla Crumley Faculty Member (any) mickayc Assistant Director Transfer Academic Program
Jonathan Beecher Field Faculty Member (any) jbfield CAAH English 8/14/2022 8/14/2024
Kathleen Thum Faculty Member (any) kthum CAAH Art 8/14/2021 8/14/2023
Pat Marcondes Faculty Member (any) patm CAFLS Food, Nutrition and Packaging 8/14/2022 8/14/2023
Tom OHalloran Faculty Member (any) tohallo CAFLS Forestry & Environment Conservation 8/14/2021 8/14/2023
Dan Anderson Faculty Member (any) dander3 CBSHS Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Management 8/14/2023 8/14/2025
Emily Scribner Faculty Member (any) escribn CECAS Environmental Engineering 8/14/2021 8/14/2023
Stephanie Evans Faculty Member (any) shevans CECAS
Amanda Bridges Faculty Member (any) awbridg CoB Graphic Communications 8/14/2022 8/14/2023
Joan Marler Faculty Member (any) jmarler CoS Physics and Astronomy 8/14/2022 8/14/2024
Sarah Stokowski Faculty Member (any) stoko Ed 8/14/2021 8/14/2023
Leslie Moreland-Bishop Faculty or staff member lmorel Athletics Student Athlete Enrichment Program
Matt Lombardi Faculty or staff member mlombar Athletics Student Athlete Enrichment Program
Julia Dingle Faculty or staff member jmdingl CAAH Advising
Allysa Sutton Faculty or staff member allysas CBSHS Director of Academic Advising
Jennifer Holland Faculty or staff member hollan2 CBSHS Sociology/Anthropology/Criminal Justice 8/14/2022 8/14/2024
Marisa Orr Faculty or staff member marisak CECAS Eng & Science Education 8/14/2022 8/14/2023
Ed DeIulio Faculty or staff member edeiuli CoB Advising 8/14/2021 8/14/2023
Sandy Edge Faculty or staff member sedge CoB
Jamie Garland Faculty or staff member jgarlan CoE
Joey Thames Faculty or staff member jthames CoS Genetics and Biochemistry
Alison Starr-Moss Faculty or staff member astarr CoS Genetics and Biochemistry 8/14/2021 8/14/2023
Adam Hunter Faculty or staff member hunter3 CoS Assistant Director, Advising
Neil Burton Faculty or staff member boneil Division of Student Affairs Career Services
Kimberly Poole Faculty or staff member poole6 Division of Student Affairs Student Development Services
Jeffery R. Appling Faculty or staff member japplin Undergraduate Studies Engineering and Science Education
Kady Bedard Undergraduate Student bedardk
* Emails are unless noted
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