Bookstore Advisory Committee

Last Updated:   9/19/2022

Contact Name

Jan Kite, Executive Assistant, Auxiliary Enterprises


Bookstore Advisory Committee reviews and advises on policies for the University bookstore.

This committee is authorized by the Clemson University Committee on Committees. Changes to its description or composition should be initated with the Faculty Senate Office.

Membership Composition

The chair is elected annually by and from the membership.

Membership Composition - Bookstore Advisory Committee
Seat Type Quantity Term Length Date of Term Initiation Seat Filling Mechanism Voting or Non-Voting Other Factors
President of the Faculty Senate or designee 1 By position Voting  
Faculty Member (any) (Library faculty member) 1 2 years Elected by faculty accorded voting rights in the libraries Voting  
Faculty Member (any) (Two per college) 14 2 years Elected by faculty accorded voting rights in each college Voting  
Staff Member 1 1 year Appointed by Staff Senate President Voting  
Manager of the Bookstore 1 By position Non-voting  
Director of Campus Services 1 By position Non-voting  
Undergraduate Student 1 1 year Nominated by President of the Undergraduate Student Senate and Appointed by Dean of Undergraduate Studies Voting  
Graduate Student 1 1 year Nominated by President of the Graduate Student Government and Appointed by Dean of the Graduate School Voting  
Non-voting appointee Appointed by Manager of the Bookstore Non-voting  

Membership List (Last Updated: 9/19/2022 7:24:39 PM)

Changes to the current chair and membership list should be initiated with the Faculty Senate Office.


Chair List - Bookstore Advisory Committee
Name Chair Type Email* College or Division Department Term Start Term End


Member List - Bookstore Advisory Committee
Name Seat Type Email* College or Division Department Service Start Service End
Kristine Vernon President of the Faculty Senate or designee kvernon CAFLS Animal Veterinary Sciences 8/1/2022 5/14/2023
Peter Bryan Faculty Member (any) pbryan2 CAAH English 8/1/2022 5/14/2024
Caroline Dunn Faculty Member (any) cdunn CAAH History and Geography 8/1/2022 5/14/2024
Raghupathy Karthikeyan Faculty Member (any) rkarthi CAFLS Agricultural Sciences 8/1/2021 5/14/2023
Elena Mikhailova Faculty Member (any) eleanam CAFLS Forestry and Environmental Conservation 8/1/2021 5/14/2023
Jennifer Rice Faculty Member (any) geter CBSHS School of Nursing 8/1/2021 5/14/2023
Alexis Zachary Faculty Member (any) AZACHAR CBSHS Communications 8/1/2021 5/14/2023
Linke Guo Faculty Member (any) linkeg CECAS Elect. & Computer Engineering 8/1/2021 5/14/2023
Scott Swain Faculty Member (any) sdswain CoB Marketing 8/1/2022 5/14/2024
Sri Sridharan Faculty Member (any) suhas CoB Management 8/1/2022 5/14/2024
Kirsten Abel Faculty Member (any) kabel CoE Teaching & Learning 8/1/2021 5/14/2023
Geoff Ford Faculty Member (any) geoffrf CoS Genetics and Biochemistry 8/1/2021 5/14/2023
Pooja Puneet Faculty Member (any) ppuneet CoS Physics and Astronomy 8/1/2022 5/14/2024
Yang Wu Faculty Member (any) Ywu9 University Libraries University Libraries 8/1/2022 5/14/2024
Jamie Martin Staff Member jmart39 8/1/2022 5/14/2023
Kevin Herrington Manager of the Bookstore kherr Bookstore Bookstore Manager
Riley Wright Undergraduate Student Undergraduate Student 8/1/2022 5/14/2023
Devan Jones Graduate Student Graduate Student 8/1/2022 5/14/2023
Shelly Geer Non-voting appointee sgeer Athletic Academic Setives
Caitlin Bellinger Non-voting appointee cbellin Bookstore General Merchandise Manager
Mike Namiranian Non-voting appointee mnamar Bookstore Textbook Manager
Kathy Hobgood Non-voting appointee kbhob Finance and Operations Auxiliary Enterprises
* Emails are unless noted
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