General Education Committee

Last Updated:   5/24/2018

Contact Name

Bridget Trogden, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies


The General Education Committee responsibilities include:

  • Providing cohesion, communication, and collaboration in discussions and decisions related to courses functioning as Clemson University general education curriculum, ensuring faculty ownership of general education.
  • Recommending undergraduate general education student learning outcomes, including revisions when necessary, to the University Curriculum Committee.
  • Ensuring that the Office of the Registrar maintains accurate general education curricular information.
  • Coordinating faculty development for implementing general education student learning outcomes and focusing on student learning, including mentoring colleagues, arranging workshops, and employing OTEI resources.
  • Coordinating faculty assessment of general education student learning outcomes. 
  • Subcommittees are chartered by the Committee as needed, concerning topics such as developing student learning outcomes or approving and reviewing courses for inclusion in the general education curriculum. Each of these subcommittees will have at least one member selected from the voting membership of the Committee.

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Membership Composition

The Dean of Undergraduate Studies (or an Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies designated by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies) serves as non-voting chair. Members serve staggered, nonconsecutive three-year terms.   

Seat Type Quantity Term Length Date of Term Initiation Seat Filling Mechanism Voting or Non-Voting
Regular Faculty or Senior Lecturers from each college (not including the Libraries) 14 Staggered 3 years 5/18 Elected by College faculty Voting
Regular Faculty or Senior Lecturer from the Libraries 1 Staggered 3 years 5/18 Elected by College faculty Voting

Membership List (Last Updated: 12/04/2019)



Seat Type

Department and College

Date of Term Initiation

Term Expires 

A. Preston Byrd Voting Agricultural Sciences; AFLS 05/2018 05/2021
Glenn Birrenkott Voting Animal Veterinary Science; AFLS 05/2018 05/2020
Andrea Feeser Voting Art; AAH 05/2018 05/2021
Lee Morrissey Voting English; AAH 05/2018 12/2019
Michal Jerzmanowski Voting Economics; Business 05/2018 05/2021
Jack Wolf Voting Finance; Business 05/2018 05/2021
Darren Linvill Voting Communications; BSHS 05/2018 05/2021
Mike Coggeshall Voting Sociology/Anthropology/Criminal Justice; BSHS 05/2018 05/2021
Mikel Cole Voting Education and Human Development; Education 08/2019 05/2020
Jackie Malloy Voting Teaching and Learning; Education 05/2018 05/2021
Scott Brame Voting Environmental Engineering & Earth Science; CECAS 05/2018 05/2021
Karen High Voting Engineering and Science Education; ECAS 08/2019 05/2022
Matthew Macauley Voting Mathematical Sciences; Science 05/2018 05/2021
Christine Minor Voting Biological Sciences; Science 05/2018 05/2021
Jessica Kohout-Tailor Voting University Libraries 05/2019 05/2021
Bridget Trogden Non-voting Chair Associate Dean; Division of Undergraduate Studies

Assessment Subcommittee


Department and College

Leigh Martin


Debi Switzer

Education and Human Development; Education

Sarah Grigg

General Engineering; CECAS

Christy Brown

Mathematical Sciences; Science

Ellen Breazel

Mathematical Sciences; Science

Robert Stephens

Philosophy & Religion; AAH

Candace Coffman

Sociology/Anthropology/Criminal Justice; BSHS

Rene' Schmauder

Director of Assessment; Division of Undergraduate Studies

Bridget Trogden

Associate Dean; Division of Undergraduate Studies





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