Libraries Advisory Committee

Last Updated:   5/26/2022

Contact Name

Chris Cox, Dean of Libraries


Libraries Advisory Committee reviews and advises on policies for the university libraries.

This committee is authorized by the Clemson University Committee on Committees. Changes to its description or composition should be initated with the Faculty Senate Office.

Membership Composition

Chair selection mechanism is unknown

Membership Composition - Libraries Advisory Committee
Seat Type Quantity Term Length Date of Term Initiation Seat Filling Mechanism Voting or Non-Voting Other Factors
Faculty or staff member (One per college and the libraries) 8 3 years Unknown Voting Staggered terms  
Staff Member (Courtesy: Not noted in Committee Membership Composition) 0 Unknown Non-voting  
Staff Member (Representative of the Staff Senate) 1 1 year Appointed by Staff Senate President Voting  
Undergraduate Student 1 Appointed by President of Undergraduate Student Senate Voting  
Graduate Student 1 Appointed by President of Graduate Student Government Voting  
Representative of the Faculty Senate (???) 1 1 year Elected by Faculty Senate Voting  

Membership List (Last Updated: 5/26/2022 1:12:32 PM)

Changes to the current chair and membership list should be initiated with the Faculty Senate Office.


Chair List - Libraries Advisory Committee
Name Chair Type Email* College or Division Department Term Start Term End
Chris Cox Chair cnc2 University Libraries 9/1/2018


Member List - Libraries Advisory Committee
Name Seat Type Email* College or Division Department Service Start Service End
Maziyar Faridi Faculty or staff member mfaridi CAAH English 4/30/2022 4/30/2023
Iryna Sharaievska Faculty or staff member isharai CBSHS Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management 4/23/2020 4/30/2023
Jill Gemmill Faculty or staff member, Ex Officio gemmill CCIT CCIT 4/30/2022 4/30/2023
Todd Schweisinger Faculty or staff member todds CECAS Mechanical Engineering 4/30/2022 4/30/2023
Philip Roth Faculty or staff member rothp CoB Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management 4/30/2022 4/30/2023
Julianne Wenner Faculty or staff member jwenner CoE Teaching & Learning 4/30/2022 4/30/2023
Neil Calkin Faculty or staff member calkin CoS School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences 4/23/2020 4/30/2023
Anne Grant Faculty or staff member anne1 University Libraries 4/30/2022 4/30/2023
Alejandro Mejia-Tejada Undergraduate Student amejiat CUSG 4/30/2022 4/30/2023
Shahan Iqbal Graduate Student mehtabi GSG 4/30/2022 4/30/2023
Dave Blakesley Representative of the Faculty Senate (???) dblakes CAAH English 4/30/2022 4/30/2023
* Emails are unless noted
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