COVID-19 Resources for Staff and Faculty

Remote Work FAQ

Prior to telecommuting, an employee should have a good understanding of their role, as well as their supervisor’s approval.

An employee may obtain their supervisor’s approval by completing the Telecommuting Agreement form. This form will ensure that the employee and supervisors understand the work schedule and expectations while Telecommuting.

A supervisor and employee will work together on the employee’s schedule and if flexibility is needed. Employees are encouraged to work as close to their scheduled work hours as is possible, including a lunch period.

An employee may choose a location that is conducive to complete their work, which may or may not be their home. The idea of social distancing should be considered when choosing an alternate work location. The location where an employee will be working remotely needs to be indicated on the Telecommuting Agreement form, which is signed by both the employee and supervisor.

An hourly or salaried nonexempt employee should record work time according to the timekeeping method established in their college or division, i.e. Kronos, Excel or paper timesheets, AIM. If you work in a division still using timesheets, follow any guidance published by your college, division or department for submitting timesheets.

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