Janitorial Supplies

Clemson has contracted with Southeastern Paper Group Inc to provide all of our janitorial supply needs for use in an office or office-like environment. This includes but is not limited to the following items:

  • Mops, brooms, brushes, pads
  • Toilet tissue, soap dispensers, can liners
  • Household towels, brown roll paper towels
  • Glass cleaners, floor cleaners, deodorizers
  • Degreaser, floor stripper, floor wax, carpet cleaner

A required delivery time of 36 hours from the time the order is placed until the time order is received assuming there is no back-order is in place for your convenience.

Ordering and Additional Information below:

To view a full listing of their products and place an order, see the punchout for Southeastern Paper Group in buyWays. The negotiated pricing for Clemson will only appear through this punchout. If you go directly to their website, you will not receive any discounts or promotional pricing.

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