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25Live FAQ

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What is 25Live?

25Live is the scheduling tool Clemson University has purchased to help schedule, optimize, and allocate resources. Part of the system runs in the background and assigns rooms to all scheduled sections that need space on campus. However, 25Live represents its public-facing component that allows registration and room coordinators to request or schedule events and search for a wide variety of information regarding rooms and events.

How does 25Live work?

After the mass room scheduler assigns rooms to courses for the following term, registration and room coordinators can log in and make room changes and new assignments. Once all sections have rooms, anybody with access allowed scheduling events in available spaces on campus. 25Live only stores academic buildings.

Who can use 25Live?

25Live can be viewed by anyone who visits the website. Users without access have query access so they can search for rooms, check out availability, and view basic event information. Access to advanced functionalities, including room assignments and event scheduling, is currently available to registration and room coordinators and selected staff members.

How do I access 25Live?

You can access 25Live by copying the following URL in your browser: or go directly to 25Live.

How do I get my 25Live login?

Attending a 25Live training is required before a login can be issued. A login will be created for you when you come to training. Find and sign up for a training session at iROAR Training.

How do I change my password?

Once you are logged in, click on Preferences, located in the top right corner and choose the Change Your Password option. The password setup only accepts letters, numbers, and the underscore character.

I have forgotten my password, how can I get a new one?

You may email Nikki Hood to have your password reset.

Can I use any browser with 25Live?

25Live best works with Google Chrome or Safari. You may experience lost functionalities or slow responses with other browsers. We strongly urge all users NOT to use Internet Explorer.

Why does 25Live seem to be running slowly?

25Live is not just a simple website, it is a complex and full featured application that has the potential to process hundreds of requests such as location searches and event changes. Speed can vary based on the speed of your network connection, the number of users, the browser used, and a number of other factors. Use the website's refresh button to display information the soonest possible.

Courses in 25Live

How do I assign rooms to courses in 25Live?

You do NOT assign rooms to your courses in 25Live. If the mass scheduler did not room a section, the registration/room coordinator or even the faculty member can go to 25Live and find an available university classroom for the section. Once a room is identified the assignment must be made in INB by a registration coordinator.

Can I assign a department owned room that does not belong to my department?

Not without asking the room owner. You can see the room owner's information if you click on the room's title and look on the details tab.

Why does my course not show up on the calendar immediately after I assigned a new room??

Information entered in INB updates in 25Live in every 3 minutes on the weekdays if the system does not find conflicts. Use the refresh button until you see the room assignment coming through. If it is still now showing after 5 minutes, double-check room availability in INB on the SSAMATX form then email Nikki Hood with the CRN number and the room you wish to assign to the section.

For additional detailed information, refer to 25Live Training Materials.

Event Scheduling

What is my event Reference ID?

Every saved event is associated with a Reference ID. You can see this number listed in the Event Details block after opening an event. It consists of the year — 6 characters letter combination (i.e., 2013—AAAZJB). You can enter this code to the Quick Search box to directly open your event without keywords and more search criteria.

How can I edit an event? What can be changed?

You can edit your events by clicking on the paper with a pencil icon next to the event name or by finding the Edit this Event link. Once clicked, the event will open in the Event Creation and Editing tab with all blocks in green. You will be able to change any details except for the Event Type. You cannot edit course information in 25Live.

I need to cancel only a few dates of a recurring event. How do I do this?

Open the event that needs to be edited and click on its edit icon. Scroll down to the Occurrence List. Here you can cancel individual dates by changing the active status to cancelled. Then click save.

For additional detailed information, refer to 25Live Training Materials.

Scheduling Examination Rooms for Courses with a Non-Standard Meeting Time

How do I determine the day and time of the exam?

For non-standard courses, the exam time is based on the first time/day of the week that the class meets. For example, if a course is at 1:00pm on M/W, the closest standard meeting time would be the MWF 1:25-2:15 slot, which has its exam scheduled from 3:00-5:30 on Friday.

How do I determine if the class meets at a non-standard time?

Refer to Standard Meeting Times for all parts-of-term.

Where can I look up the closest standard meeting time for my exam?

Refer to Regularly Scheduled Exams for the appropriate term.


Does 25Live provide access to all buildings and rooms on campus?

No, it doesn't. 25Live is the scheduling system for all academic buildings on campus.

25Live says that no locations are available for my event, is that right?

It depends on your search criteria. It is possible you will not find large university classrooms during the prime time of classes but most of the cases you can try to remove some criteria to widen your search.