Audit a Class

Auditors are under no obligation of regular attendance, preparation, recitation or examination and do not receive credit. Participation in classroom discussion and laboratory exercises by auditors is at the discretion of the instructor. A student who has previously audited a course is ineligible for credit by examination. Audited courses are not recorded on the student's academic transcript.

Who can Audit?

Qualified students may audit courses upon written approval of the instructor.

The following may audit classes in the Spring and Fall only without tuition (other fees may apply):

  • Graduate assistants
  • Full-time undergraduate (12 or more credit hours) and full-time graduate students (9 or more credit hours)
  • Faculty and full-time staff who meet the criteria set by Clemson University Human Resources
  • South Carolina residents age 60 or over, provided they are not a full-time employee of Clemson University

Other persons that audit pay the applicable tuition rate.

How can I Register to Audit?

  1. Auditors must obtain a Request to Audit card on the first day of classes—request an audit card via email to the Registrar's Office.
  2. Take the card to the instructor of the class for approval. The instructor will sign the card, giving their approval.
  3. Return the card via email to the Registrar's Office by the last day to add a class as published on the Academic Calendar.
  4. The Registrar's Office will register you for the class as Audit.

If you have additional questions, please email the Registrar's Office or call 864-656-7855.