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Course Substitution


In meeting graduation requirements, it is sometimes necessary to substitute one course for another. See more information on Course Substitutions in the “Academic Regulations” section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

To avoid prerequisite issues or a delay in graduation, this request should be submitted as early as possible. Note that some colleges do not consider requests in the last semester, so it is best to submit prior to application for graduation. Only courses that you have already completed or are currently pre-registered for can be used in a Substitution request.

This is a request for a change to the curriculum requirements for an individual student and approval is not guaranteed, nor does approval for this individual student imply that the same request will be approved for others. You will be notified via email once your request is approved or denied.

Student Responsibilities

Before submission of this electronic substitution request, the details of the request should first be discussed with your primary advisor. Complete the request and the mandatory detailed justification section with applicable information. A clear and detailed justification will expedite the review process. You may be asked to provide additional documentation upon review by approvers. If additional documentation is needed to further justify your request, you will be notified via email.

Cross Cultural Awareness Restrictions

  1. Courses taken at Clemson that are not on the current CCA list may not be substituted for CCA credit. The CCA committee will not override a department’s choice to exclude their course from the list. Students are welcome to encourage departments to add courses to the list for inclusion in future catalogs.
  2. Students presenting transfer courses for CCA credit will be asked to submit a narrative in which they describe how the course helped them meet the current CCA competency (see the Undergraduate Catalog for the competency statement in the General Education section). Students are encouraged to also submit an example of graded work from the course that demonstrates the CCA competency.

Transferring Credits

An Approval of Credits to Be Earned at Another School (PDF) must be submitted prior to enrolling at another institution. Courses taken at two-year institutions cannot be used to substitute for 3000 or higher level courses. Course substitutions are not permitted in situations where Academic Forgiveness has been previously applied. See Transferring Credits.

Submit Your Request

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