Support for Clemson Faculty in Research Proposal Development

Management of the Proposal Development Process

ORD generates a task and time framework for team members through the proposal development process. ORD monitors progress and notifies team members of actions needed and upcoming deadlines.

Facilitation of Team Communication

ORD works with PIs to coordinate and manage meetings of proposal contributors. ORD implements best practices in team-based writing to ensure productivity and efficiency.

Strengthening of Proposal Content

Based on the solicitation, ORD staff guide the conceptual design of proposal components. ORD staff help PIs develop themes and persuasive strategies, identify strengths and weaknesses of arguments, and assist PIs in responding constructively to feedback.

Coordination of Internal and External Reviews

ORD coordinates a “red team” review process that may involve internal and/or external reviewers.

To request proposal development assistance and schedule a consultation, please complete the form at

Finding Collaborators

ORD suggests potential collaborators for specific proposal opportunities.

Collaborative Activities

ORD hosts events such as networking or brainstorming sessions and symposiums that respond to federal or ClemsonForward initiatives, anticipated funding opportunities, or emerging areas of interest to the community. For more information, please see our calendar of events at

Team Building

ORD provides resources to help PIs build successful proposal teams and proactively address challenges of team-based writing, such as communication and time management or integrating multiple perspectives.