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About the Department

Two women working in a chemistry lab.

Chemistry has been taught at Clemson since the institution was founded in 1889. 

Wide Range of Studies

The chemistry department is currently one of the largest departments on the Clemson campus and offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate studies to prepare future chemists for successful careers in exciting fields that include traditional chemical industries such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and analytical research and services, as well as related fields including engineering, health care, education, forensics and national security.



Mission and Vision


The Department of Chemistry will provide undergraduate and graduate education in chemistry and contribute to the body of knowledge in chemistry through research and scholarship that responds to the educational, technological and economic needs of South Carolina, the Southeast region and the nation.


The Department of Chemistry has been and continues to be to strive to be nationally recognized among its peers as an outstanding chemistry department that responds to the educational technological and economic needs of the state of South Carolina, the immediate Southeast region and the nation.

Although our vision was not expressed until a departmental self-study report was prepared in 1978, it has informally been the guiding force for the direction the department has taken since it acquired its Ph.D. program in 1959. It remains the dominant consideration for our long-term planning. Our short-term planning takes into consideration the state and national needs, and the environment within Clemson University and the state.

A Closer Look

Brick building (Hunter Lab) exterior.

Did you know? Fast facts about Clemson’s chemistry department:

  • The first degrees in chemistry were conferred in 1912.
  • The Master of Science degree in chemistry was first offered in 1943.
  • Chemistry major Margaret Marie Snider was the first woman to earn a degree from Clemson, in 1957.
  • In 1959, chemistry became one of Clemson’s first doctorate programs.
  • Today, more than 3,500 students enroll in chemistry each year. The Department of Chemistry is one of Clemson’s largest.
Department of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry | 235 Hunter Chemistry Laboratory, Clemson, SC 29634