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The Department of Chemistry is housed primarily in the Hunter Chemistry Laboratory building near the center of campus. The modern facility contains fully-equipped laboratories, offices and a large lecture hall. Additional facilities are located in the Biosystems Research Complex.


Physical and Mailing Address


Department of Chemistry

Clemson University
235 Hunter Chemistry Laboratory
211 S. Palmetto Blvd.
Clemson, SC 29634

Phone: 864-656-3128

Fax: 864-656-6613

General email:


Departmental Contacts

Department Chair

Headshot of man, William Pennington.Bill Pennington, Ph.D.

291 Hunter Chemistry Laboratory
Phone: 864-656-5017

Director, Graduate Studies

julia-brumaghim.jpgJulia Brumaghim, Ph.D.

481 Hunter Chemistry Laboratory
Phone: 864-656-0481


Director, Undergraduate Studies

Headshot of man, Dan Whitehead.Dan Whitehead, Ph.D.

467 Hunter Chemistry Laboratory
Phone: 864-656-5765

Program Director

Headshot of Dennis Taylor.Dennis Taylor, Ph.D.

265 Hunter Chemistry Laboratory
Phone: 864-656-2680


Department of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry | 235 Hunter Chemistry Laboratory, Clemson, SC 29634