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Completing a Minor in Chemistry

How can I minor in Chemistry?

The process for minoring in Chemistry is very simple. All students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts are welcome to minor in Chemistry.

    1. The first step is meeting with your academic advisor within your major department to discuss the outline of courses you will take to fulfill the requirements of the Chemistry minor.
    2. Along with your academic advisor, complete the Change of Academic Program Form (PDF).
    3. Return the form to Sikes Hall, 104 Enrolled Student Services.

Note: Declaring a minor does not require the approval of the minor department. You can minor in Chemistry just by filling out the above form with your major advisor. You do not need the signature of the Department of Chemistry.

Requirements for Completing a Minor in Chemistry

Students pursuing a minor in Chemistry will complete the following courses:

      • CH 1010 (and accompanying lab, CH 1011)
      • CH 1020 (and accompanying lab, CH 1021)
      • 15 additional hours of Chemistry, at least 9 of those hours must be at the 3000-4000 level
        • Most students utilize some organic coursework toward the 15 hour requirement
        • 3000-4000 level courses come from this pre-approved list (PDF)