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Holding Sections

What if a student is lacking a pre-requisite at the time of registration at orientation?

  1. CMPT score below 60 (or no CMPT score at all)
  2. Pending transfer work for MATH, STAT, CH 1010, CH 1020
  3. Pending Advanced Placement (AP) credit or International Baccalaureate (IB) credit

For the above student scenarios, holding lecture sections have been created for CH 1010, CH 1020 & CH 2230, all section 999.

What about lab?
A student can simultaneously add the holding lecture and a real lab in iROAR.

When will they be added to a real lecture section?
Upon receipt of acceptable proof of course completion or credit.

What if the student’s proof has not been processed by the first day of class?

Please advise the student to be in touch with the Registration Coordinator.