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Programs for COS Students

The College of Science is home to a multitude of programs to assist first-year and continuing students in their coursework and life outside the classroom here at Clemson. Please see the below links to find more information on individual programs.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is an integral part of the College of Science (COS) commitment to help students meet their academic and personal goals. The college operates on a split-advising model.

A team of professional staff advisors works with first year students in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Genetics & Biochemistry, Mathematical Sciences, Physics and Astronomy  to ensure that they are in the correct major and are making satisfactory academic progress. Continuing students in chemistry and the ten engineering disciplines are assigned faculty members who monitor their academic progress and help them select courses at each registration period. Faculty and staff advisors begin working with students at new student orientation and continue to work closely with them throughout their academic career.

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Residents in Science and Engineering (RiSE)

Residents in Science and Engineering (RiSE) Living-Learning Community is a unique residential community designed for freshmen in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences. The mission of the RiSE LLC is to assist students in their transition to college by combining the academic and residential experiences in order to foster academic success and facilitate professional development.

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Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)

W.I.S.E. is an organization at Clemson University designed to help and support females in engineering and science majors. From mentoring and networking, to test banks and tutoring, W.I.S.E. offers unlimited resources and information. We are here for you, so get involved, make new friends, and start your journey toward success.

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Programs for Educational Enrichment and Retention (PEER)

One mission of Clemson’s College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences is to be “a national model for diversity in faculty, staff, and students.” Since 1987, the Programs for Educational Enrichment and Retention (PEER) Office has played a vital role in supporting that mission through service to under-represented students in math, science, and engineering. The purpose of PEER is to help freshman minority students adjust to their new life at Clemson and excel academically in their chosen field of study.

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