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Utilizing Credit for your Degree

AP Credit

Clemson University accepts Advance Placement scores of 3 or above for most (but not all) courses. AP credit will translate into 'transfer' credit on a student's transcript. Credit hours (1 to 4) will be award for the course, and any degree requirement they meet will be checked off. Grade points will not be contributed to the student's GPA.

Example: If a student makes a score of 3 on the AP Chemistry exam, they will automatically receive credit on their transcript for CH 1010 upon Clemson receiving their AP credit. It will count as a natural science requirement for their required General Education course, and it will contribute 4 hours to their overall number of hours completed at the University.

Note: When registering for the exam, indicate if you wish to have the final results sent to Clemson University (CEEB #5111).Be sure to include your Social Security number when registering for AP exams. This will save time and ensure that credit is automatically awarded to your Clemson academic record.

➥ View the Advance Placement Test Scores accepted by Clemson University (PDF)

Utilizing AP Chemistry Credit for future Chemistry Majors

One of the most common questions we receive from prospective students is whether or not to utilize AP credit for CH 1010 or CH 1010/CH 1020. We advocate for the student to go with what feels appropriate to start with. If you feel your foundation is Chemistry is sound, then start in CH 1020 and see how the first week goes. If you are not as confident, you can still register to take CH 1010. There is a small window of time in the first two weeks of class in which you can be moved up or down based on your first impressions of actually being in the course. We have quite a few Chemistry majors who did well enough on the AP test to exempt CH 1010 -- about half of them retook the course as a refresher, and the other half went on into CH 1020. Both groups succeed equally well academically.

International Baccalaureate Credit

IB credit is awarded in much the same way as AP credit — the credit hours will be applied to the student's transcript and any degree requirement the course meets will be considered completed.

Note: Students wanting to use IB credit must put their IB number in the space provided on the Clemson application.

➥ View the International Baccalaureate Credit Scores accepted by Clemson University (PDF)