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Clemson Chemistry Courses Information

All engineering, science, and health-related majors at Clemson University include chemistry courses in their curriculum. The Department of Chemistry is glad to provide service and instruction to these majors through both General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry lecture courses and labs.

General Chemistry includes

CH 1010 and CH 1011 General Chemistry (linked lecture and lab)

CH 1020 and CH 1021 General Chemistry (linked lecture and lab)

CH 1050 and CH 1051 Chemistry in Context I (linked lecture and lab)

CH 1060 and CH 1061 Chemistry in Context II (linked lecture and lab)

Organic Chemistry includes

CH 2010 Survey of Organic Chemistry

CH 2020 Survey of Organic Chemistry Laboratory

CH 2230 Organic Chemistry (Part 1)

CH 2270 Organic Chemistry Laboratory (Part 1)

CH 2240 Organic Chemistry (Part 2)

CH 2280 Organic Chemistry Laboratory (Part 2)

Lab Exemption

Please email Kris Coleman,  for a General Chemistry Lab Exemption if you are retaking the chemistry class within 5 years and your previous lab grade was at least 75.