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Chemistry Transfer Work

How to Transfer Chemistry Courses to Clemson

Students who are planning to take summer courses at other institutions will need to have the transfer credits approved prior to their completion of the course. The Department of Chemistry will only guarantee the seamless transfer of courses we have evaluated beforehand.

Prior to the Academic Term

Prior to enrolling in the course, a student must complete the following steps in order to ensure Department of Chemistry approval of coursework taken elsewhere.


  1. Complete the Coursework To Be Taken Elsewhere Form with your major advisor.
  2. Confirm whether or not the course has been successfully evaluated and transferred to Clemson previously by using the Transfer Course Equivalency List.
    1. If the course is on the TCEL: You do not need the Department of Chemistry's signature. Complete the form with you advisor and return to 104 Sikes Hall.
    2. If the course is not on the TCEL: Please obtain a copy of the course syllabus from the institution and provide it, along with the form, to Kris Coleman  in 219 Hunter Hall.

Following Completion of the Course

AFter a student has completed an approve course at another institution, it is imperative that the student provide Enrolled Student Services with the appropriate official transcript in a timely manner. Lack of timeliness in providing a transcript may impact a student being able to register for a subsequent course. We recommend physically bringing a sealed official transcript in person at the start of the next academic term at Clemson.