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Magnetic Resonance Facilities and Capabilities

Image of equipment in Clemson’s Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Resource CenterClemson’s Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Resource Center affords easy access to modern high-resolution NMR instruments for students, postdoctoral scientists and faculty. The primary instrumentation includes four multinuclear high-field spectrometers (modern JEOL and Bruker NMR instruments with the proton frequency ranging from 300 to 500 MHz) that are used for routine measurements, as well as for advanced one- and two-dimensional NMR experiments in molecular structure determination, molecular dynamics, and chemical kinetics and thermodynamics. One of the instruments (Bruker Avance 500) includes gel and solid-state NMR capability.

Dr. Aleksandr Kitaygorodskiy is the center’s director. In addition to maintaining the instruments, he provides assistance, training and consultation on NMR-relevant subjects. He teaches a graduate course on applications of NMR spectroscopy in chemistry with emphasis on modern experimental techniques. All NMR users receive support through training and assistance in setting up experiments and interpreting results.