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Student Seminar Schedule For Spring 2021

Physical and Analytical Chemistry Student Seminar Program
CH851 (section 2) Analytical/Physical Student Seminar:

Spring 2021 Physical & Analytical Student Seminars
Date Speaker Title
February 9 Mayura Silva

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"Monolayer Graphene as an Isotopically Selective Ionic Barrier:  Through-Plane Conductance of Proton vs Deuteron
February 16

Chuaniei Wang

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Meeting ID: 958 9584 4100
Passcode: 562664

"Surface plasmon resonance biosensor with optical fiber gratings"
February 23 Madhuka Liyanage

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 Meeting ID: 912 8451 9916

 Passcode: 964567

"Chitin nanofiber-based wastewater purification techniques"
March 2

Saduni Arachchi

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"Study of interactions of Metronidazole, Amoxicillin and Levofloxacin on Polystyrene nanoparticles."


March 9

Lacey Billotto
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"A Review of 3D Printed Columns and Stationary Phases on Chromatographic Performance"
March 16 Spring Break
March 23

Sarah Wysor

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"Portable High Performance Liquid Chromatography"
March 30 Mansour Saberi

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"The Science and Technology of Membrane-Based Water Purification"
April 6

Supun Samindra

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"Flow Effects on Highly Interacting Polymers: Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies"
April 13

Kaylan Jackson

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"A Capillary-Channeled Polymer (C-CP) Fiber Spin-Down Tip Approach for the
Isolation and Characterization of Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) from Clinically
Relevant Biofluid Sources"
April 20

Dimuthu Edirisinghe and Vigjna Abbaraju

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“Graphene Quantum dots and Their Applications in Bioimaging”

“Fingerprint analysis using NIR fluorescence/Upconversion and micro-XRF”

Organic/Inorganic Chemistry Student Seminar Program
CH 851 Organic-Inorganic Seminar:

Spring 2021 Organic/Inorganic Student Seminars
Date Speaker Title
January 20

Austin Seilkop

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 "Direct, Site-selective Functionalization of Carbohydrates using Organoboron Catalysts"

January 27

Madison Vicente

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"Non-DNA Targets of Platinum and Gold-based Complexes"
February 3

Bhakti Patel

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"Hydrothermal synthesis of rare earth ruthenates"
February 10

Kirkland Sheriff

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 Meeting ID: 942 5633 2005

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"Smart composites:  Combining MOF with fibers"
February 17

Adam Gaynor


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"Antibiotic Resistance through Enzymatic Inactivation of Therapeutics"
February 24

Andrew Peloquin


Meeting ID: 948 5300 6604

Passcode: 160144


"Cyclic Polymers:  Chains without Ends"
March 10

Giovani Gutierrez
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"Chiral Phosphoric Acid Catalysis: an Insight in Catalyst Design and Interactions"
March 31

Ebube Oyeka

"Orbital Effects in Solids"
April 7

Claudia Lopez

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"High strength composites from low-value animal coproducts, plant oils and industrial waste sulfur "


April 14 Matthew Powell

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Meeting ID: 959 6136 0889

Passcode: 995897

"Hydrothermal Crystal Growth of Site-ordered A2BB’O6-like Double Perovskites"
April 21

Charini Maladeniya

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Meeting ID: 994 1082 3406
Passcode: 850234

"Carbon-Negative Polymer Cements from Terpenoids and Waste Sulfur as Recyclable, Acid-Resistant Building Materials"

Proposal Seminars
Date, Seminar Speaker:

Dates reserved for candidate final seminar
Date, Seminar Speaker:

The Physical/Analytical seminars are held on Tuesdays from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM in Hunter100.

The Inorganic/Organic seminars are held on Wednesdays from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM in
Hunter 459.

Attendance of all graduate students is required.