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Karl Dieter

Dr. Karl DieterProfessor Emeritus
Organic Chemistry

Phone: NA
Office:  463 Hunter Laboratories

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Dr. Dieter, professor, received his B.A. (1973) from Lehigh University and his Ph.D. (1978) from the University of Pennsylvania working in synthesis, synthetic methods, and photochemistry with Prof. Amos B. Smith III. He was an American Chemical Society Postdoctoral Fellow (1978-1979) with Prof. Jerrold Meinwald at Cornell in natural products chemistry. He served on the faculty at Boston University before joining Clemson in 1985.

Research Interests

Dr. Dieter's research in new synthetic methods involves organocopper, organopalladium and organosulfur chemistry and focuses on asymmetric synthesis. The general availability of enantioselective procedures remains one of the major problems in organic chemistry and is particularly important to the pharmaceutical industry.

example oneDr. Dieter's development of a-aminoalkylcuprates, supported by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, provides a facile method for functionalization adjacent to an amine or amide nitrogen atom. Reactions of N-Boc (tert-butoxy carbonyl) carbamate derived cuprates with a,ß-unsaturated carboxylic acid derivatives, vinyl triflates, vinyl iodides, acid chlorides, and allylic and propargylic substrates have been reported.

Efforts are under way to use these reactions in alkaloid natural product synthesis (e.g., indolizidine alkaloid 167B, a blocker of nerve ransmissions). The enantio selective vinylation of chiral a- aminoalkylcuprates holds considerable promise for the asymmetric synthesis of a wide range of naturally occurring alkaloids. Utilization of a-aminoalkylcuprates also provides synthetic routes to kainic acids, aza sugars, preussin and aspidospermidine alkaloids. Attention is focused on developing synthetic routes to pyrrolizidine and indolizidine alkaloids and aza sugars which display a wide range of biological activity (e.g., inhibitory effects on viruses, retroviruses, tumor cells and enzymatic pathways).



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