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Clemson's internationally respected Chemistry faculty are active researchers and teachers in the traditional areas of chemistry including inorganic, organic, physical, and analytical chemistry as well as in interdisciplinary areas such as chemical education and fullerene chemistry.

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Dr. Bill Pennington, Department Chair

Chemistry Faculty Directory
Name Title Email Phone
Anker, Jeffrey Professor
Wallace R. Roy Distinguished Professor 864-656-1726
Arifuzzaman, Md Post Doctoral Fellow 864-656-3065
Arya, Dev Priya Professor 864-656-1106
Attia, Mohamed Post Doctoral Fellow 864-656-3065
Brumaghim, Julia Professor 864-656-0481
Casabianca, Leah Associate Professor
Chumanov, George Professor 864-656-2339
Cox, MyCia Lecturer 864-656-3065
Creager, Stephen Associate Dean
Professor of Chemistry 864-656-3042
Desmarteau, Darryl Adjunct Professor 864-656-5017
Dominy, Brian Associate Professor 864-656-7702
Eanes, Mehtap Adjunct Associate Professor 864-656-5017
Ennis, Elliot Senior Lecturer 864-656-5018
Ezeh, Vivian Lecturer 864-656-3065
Fu, Yingqiang Int'l Vistr (Research Scholar) 864-656-5026
Garcia Perez, Carlos D. Professor
Associate Chair 864-656-1356
Geiculescu, Olt E Senior Lecturer
Giesber, Henry Research Associate 864-656-5027
Gloor, Brian Adjunct Assistant Professor 864-656-5717
Grest, Gary Adjunct Professor 864-656-3065
Hanks, Timothy Adjunct Associate Professor 864-656-5017
Hennig, Mirko Adjunct Associate Professor 864-656-5017
Hickman, Thomas Senior Lecturer 864-656-0349
Houjeiry, Tania Senior Lecturer 864-656-3065
Hwu, Shiou-jyh Professor 864-656-5031
Iacono, Scott Adjunct Professor 864-656-3065
Kim, Byoungmoo Assistant Professor 864-656-3065
Kitaygorodskiy, Alex Senior Lecturer
Director NMR Facilities 864-656-0611
Kolis, Joseph W Professor 864-656-4739
Marcus, Ken Professor
Robert Adger Bowen Professor of Chemistry 864-656-5011
Matsnev, Andrii Adjunct Assistant Professor 864-656-5017
McMillen, Colin Senior Lecturer 864-656-2613
McNeill, Jason Professor 864-656-4065
Pennington Jr, William T Dept Chair/Head
Alumni Distinguished Professor of Chemistry 864-656-2319
Perahia, Dvora Professor 864-656-7703
Plampin, James Lecturer 864-656-3065
Sachdeva, Rakesh Lecturer 864-656-3065
Saha, Sourav Associate Professor 864-656-3099
Sanjeewa, Duminda Adjunct Instructor 864-643-9653
Schroeder, Jacob Senior Lecturer 864-656-1666
Schvaneveldt, Stephen Senior Lecturer 864-656-3269
Smith, Ashlyn Lecturer
Smith, Rhett Professor
Academic Access Advocate
Stuart, Steve Professor 864-656-5013
Sun, Ya-Ping Named Professor 864-656-5026
Taylor, Dennis Senior Lecturer 864-656-2680
Tennyson, Andy Associate Professor 864-656-3158
Terry, Rylan Post Doctoral Fellow 864-656-5027
Thrasher, Joseph S. Professor
Tran, Thao Assistant Professor 864-656-3220
Uzair, Unaiza Post Doc Fellow 864-656-9345
Wetzler, Modi Senior Lecturer
Whitehead, Daniel Associate Professor
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Williams, Trey Lecturer
Yadav, Ashok Post Doctoral Fellow 864-656-3099
Ziolkowski, Marcin Research Assistant Professor 864-656-9224

Joint Appointment Faculty

Brian Powell
Marek Urban

Adjunct Faculty

Christensen, Kenneth