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Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry, sometimes called "the science of chemical measurement," offers an attractive combination of curiosity-driven and applications-driven research in chemistry. Chemical measurements are the foundation supporting both fundamental and applied research in nearly all areas of chemical science, and the development of new chemical measurement techniques and improvement of existing techniques continues to drive the progress of chemistry as a discipline.

Chemistry faculty with interests and research related to analytical chemistry include:

Jeffrey Anker
George Chumanov
Steve Creager
Carlos Garcia
Ken Marcus
Dvora Perahia
Steve Stuart

The Clemson faculty are committed to training analytical scientists with a thorough grasp of both the fundamental science and the range of applications for the analytical techniques that they develop and use. A high level of collegiality also exists in the division, particularly at national conferences such as PITTCON and FACSS which students regularly attend and make research presentations. A graduate degree in analytical chemistry from Clemson suggests a level of insight and problem-solving skills that goes well beyond the ability to simply perform routine analyses. Research groups in the division are well funded from federal (NSF, DOE, DOD) and private sources (commercial instrument manufacturers, biomedical companies) to support work of both a fundamental and applied nature. Job prospects for graduates from the Clemson program continue to be excellent.