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Office of Institutional Excellence

Our Services

The Office of Institutional Excellence partners across the university to deliver the following primary services to the University community:

  • Strategic and Operational Planning/Execution

    Our IE and university-wide Excellence Leads provide facilitation and consulting services to organizations developing strategic and operational plans. We can also help organizations structure their implementation of these plans to provide transparency throughout the organization about what's in the plan and how everyone can participate.

  • Risk Identification, prioritization, mitigation, and reporting

    Our risk experts can help your organization appropriately identify risks and issues, and prioritize them for mitigation, problem-solving, and follow-up.

  • Academic/Research/Business Continuity planning

    Our business continuity experts can help you develop plans that will keep your organization and operations successfully up and running during a crisis or other interruption of operations through the identification of essential processes, systems, and infrastructure.

  • Change Management support

    Our change management experts are available to help you successfully plan, implement, and sustain both small and large-scale project goals; our customizable approaches are designed to increase adoption, reduce resistance, and avoid the most common causes of failed initiatives.

  • Project Management support

    Our project management experts can help you develop realistic and executable project plans for organizational initiatives, strategic/operational plan execution, and continuous improvement opportunities.

  • Lean/Continuous Improvement/Process Improvement

    Our expert transformation managers are available to facilitate and consult on your continuous improvement opportunities:

    • Value-stream mapping to identify and waste in processes and create solutions to delight the customer
    • Process mapping to create and standardize new processes, understand issues and gaps in existing processes, and identify opportunities for improvement
    • Training, tools, and templates to equip others to lead continuous improvement projects within their organizations
  • Assessments: Organizational and service delivery, process and functional, and operational resilience

    Organizational and service delivery assessments / Process and functional assessments: Analysis of organizations and service delivery or processes and functions to identify best practices, gaps, and opportunities for improvement for future action and follow-up.

    Operational Resilience assessments: Perform gap analysis on potential single points of failure in people, places, and things (including technology) required to support the university.

  • Business Impact Analysis

    Our risk and business continuity team can use the results of your risk assessment to assist you in predicting the consequences of disruption of a business function or process and partner with you to develop a recovery plan

  • Data-driven problem solving

    Accurately defining problems, identifying causes, and creating solutions to address the causes and permanently eliminate the problems

  • Tools, templates, and resources

    A suite of tools, templates, and other resources, as well as training, for "do-it-yourself" continuous improvement, problem-solving, strategic & operational planning, assessment, and other IE activities is available. - Contact us

This list is not comprehensive. Contact our office to find out how we can help you!

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