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Phyfer Innovation Hub

The Phyfer Innovation Hub is housed within the Clemson MBA space at Greenville ONE and provides MBA students, faculty and the upstate community a place to meet and share innovative thought and practice. This includes mentoring promising startups and providing ongoing support for workplace innovation.

The Hub provides:

  • Two podcast series - "Business of Innovation" and "inONE" - will be distributed widely and help build our brand as a leader in innovative thought
  • Monthly series on Innovation delivered on-site in partnership with i4Series emphasizing Innovation, Industry and Intelligence through Involvement
  • Faculty teaching support to build new content enhancing the classroom experience for our MBA students
  • Faculty engagement support through sponsorship of a monthly faculty learning community
  • Student travel support to take students where innovation is transforming industry
  • Phyfer Innovation Award

Watch the Business of Innovation Podcast

Listen to the inONE Podcast