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Academic Departments

Agricultural Sciences

Clemson's Department of Agricultural Sciences provides unified education, research and public service programs that bring new innovation and leadership to the agricultural industry. Programs in agribusiness, agricultural education and agricultural mechanization offer real-world experiences for students while bringing business efficiencies and technological innovations to the private sector.

Undergraduate Programs

Agricultural Education (B.S.)
Agricultural Mechanization & Business (B.S.)
Agribusiness (B.S.)

Graduate Programs

joe mari maja working with a drone near crops
students and faculty looking into a microscope for breast cancer research

Animal and Veterinary Sciences

With curricular concentrations in pre-vet and science, animal agribusiness and equine business, Clemson’s Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences teaches students fundamental knowledge of physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, management and more, while offering hands-on experience with farm animal species through lab classes and experiential opportunities outside the classroom. Research and outreach programs promote innovations in animal agriculture to help meet the increasing demand for high-quality animal products.

Undergraduate Program

Animal and Veterinary Science (B.S.)

Graduate Programs

Animal and Veterinary Science (M.S., Ph.D.)

Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences

Clemson’s Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences department blends many disciplines – biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, health and more – to not only help people live healthier but help private industry deliver safely packaged food to a growing global population. Clemson is one of the few universities in the United States to offer a degree in packaging science.

Undergraduate Programs

Food Science and Human Nutrition (B.S.)
Packaging Science (B.S.)

Graduate Programs

Food, Nutrition and Culinary Sciences (M.S.)
Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences (Ph.D.)
Packaging Science (M.S.)

student working in a packaging lab
David Jachowski and student fixing a fence

Forestry and Environmental Conservation

Clemson’s Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation partners with numerous state and federal agencies to offer real-world opportunities for students while protecting and advancing one of South Carolina’s most valuable assets, its forests. Rigorous classroom instruction covers environmental and natural resources, forest resources and management, and wildlife and fisheries biology.

Undergraduate Programs

Environmental and Natural Resources (B.S.)
Forest Resource Management (B.S.)
Wildlife and Fisheries Biology (B.S.)

Graduate Programs

Forest Resources (MFR, M.S., Ph.D.)
Wildlife and Fisheries Biology (MWFR, M.S., Ph.D.)

Plant and Environmental Sciences

Clemson’s Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences offers numerous educational, research and outreach programs in agronomy, entomology, environmental sciences, horticulture, turfgrass, plant pathology and soil and water sciences. Rigorous curricula coupled with partnerships with many of South Carolina’s largest industries offer unique experiential learning opportunities for students while helping the South Carolina economy.

Undergraduate Programs

Horticulture (B.S.)
Plant and Environmental Sciences (B.S.)
Turfgrass (B.S.)

Graduate Programs

Entomology (M.S., Ph.D.)
Plant & Environmental Sciences (M.S., Ph.D.)

students in greenhouse class
College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences
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