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Biosystems Research Complex

Greenhouse Policies & Procedures

The Clemson University Greenhouse Complex is a support facility for basic and applied plant research housed in the Biosystems Research Complex.

The facility contains over 40,000 square feet of greenhouse space and an approximately 16,000 square-foot headhouse. The greenhouse facility is comprised of two ranges of greenhouses each aligned along a central corridor.

Together the ranges contain:

  • 24 greenhouse 4-bench zones measuring 36’ x 36'
  • 8 greenhouse single-bench zones measuring 12' x 36’
  • 4 greenhouse 3-bench zones measuring 24' x 36'
  • 2 covered growing areas

The headhouse contains all of the support facilities for the greenhouse including:

  • Preparation area
  • Demonstration room
  • 4 Temperature-controlled storage rooms
  • General laboratory
  • Level 3 containment laboratory
  • 7 growth rooms
  • Shop
  • Pesticide and fertilizer storage and mixing areas
  • Autoclaves
  • Emergency utility equipment

Technical Specifications

Each greenhouse section is individually controlled and monitored through the central Argus environmental control system. Adjustable environmental parameters include perimeter heat, under bench heat in the propagation sections, ventilation, evaporative cooling, supplemental lighting, shade screening/heat retention and a black cloth light control system. Archived data includes greenhouse temperature and humidity monitoring, and outside environment monitoring.

The complex is completely utility-self-sufficient with backup boilers and an electrical generator available during utility outages.

Hours of Operation

The normal working hours for the greenhouse complex are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.


Access to Greenhouse Complex is limited to authorized faculty, staff and students. Visitors must be accompanied at all times. Children must be under adult supervision and may not enter greenhouse sections under any circumstances.

Greenhouse Manager

  • Coordinates space assignments
  • Receives and reviews work requests
  • Coordinates facility repairs and maintenance
  • Coordinates ordering to maintain a stock of common supplies
  • Is responsible for supervision and training of greenhouse staff
  • Provides mandatory training for new greenhouse users
  • Assists faculty with development of research projects
  • Consults with other University operated greenhouses
  • Works with Greenhouse users and Staff to promote the successful operation of the Greenhouse Complex
  • Programs and monitors Greenhouse Environmental Control System
  • Maintains a database of environmental controls and conditions
  • Provides historical environmental data to users per request
  • Adjusts Environmental Control System for optimum efficiency of operation

Greenhouse Users

The Clemson University Greenhouse Complex is available for use by University faculty, professional staff, or students. Users are responsible for the planning, implementation, maintenance and completion of projects conducted in Greenhouse facilities. Users should plan to interact frequently and directly with Greenhouse Manager.

Faculty members are responsible for the organization and supervision of their students’ use of Complex facilities. All first-time users of the Greenhouse Facilities are required to schedule an orientation covering Greenhouse Services, Greenhouse Policies and Procedures and participate in EPA mandated Worker Protection Standard Training.

Responsibilities of Greenhouse users:

  • Submit a request for space well in advance of the anticipated experimental start date
  • Obtain non-stock materials and supplies that are required
  • Submit written work requests to the Greenhouse Manager indicating any special requirements
  • Maintain projects in a professional manner following accepted greenhouse standards for neatness and sanitation
  • Follow proper procedures for the termination of the project and cleanup


  • All greenhouse space is provided for a fee.
  • The fee for a 36’ x 36’ greenhouse section is $300.00/month.
  • The fee for the 12’ x 36’ greenhouse sections is $100.00/month.
  • The fee for the 24’ x 36’ greenhouse sections is $200.00/month.
  • The fee for the outside growing area is $200.00/year

Growth rooms are available to University investigators on a first-come-first-served basis. Current rental fees are $130.00/month for 100 square foot growth rooms. The minimum rental period is six months with increments of one month after that.

Fees are assessed on a monthly basis. Account numbers to be charged need to be established before occupying any greenhouse/growth room. Fees accrue from the date the space is assigned.

Biosystems Research Complex
Biosystems Research Complex | 105 Collings Street Clemson University Clemson, SC 29634-0310