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Biosystems Research Complex

Greenhouse Support Facilities

Mist Facilities

Two greenhouse sections (GH 101 and GH 102) are designed for mist propagation. These sections have both timed misting and under bench heat. Parameters for each of two zones within the section are shown on the bench and at the entrance door. Only Greenhouse Staff are authorized to make alterations to these parameters.

Placement of materials under mist requires an Application for Greenhouse Services Form. If plants are scheduled for movement into another section following propagation, there is no need to complete additional forms. That move should, however, appear on the initial request. All materials must be properly dated and labeled.

Pesticide Spray Chamber

A specialized pesticide spray containment chamber is available for use in greenhouse. Please see the greenhouse staff prior to using and to obtain dilution bottles and instructions. Special care with cleaning and waste disposal should be made following use.

Headhouse Demonstration Room

The demonstration room in the headhouse (room H101) is not intended for use as a general use classroom. Only classes with requirements for greenhouse space will be permitted to schedule use of this area.

Greenhouse Autoclaves

Two autoclaves are available for use in the headhouse for sterilization. Autoclave bags and closures are available in the pesticide storage room (H107). Only individuals who have received proper instruction on operation and maintenance are allowed to operate autoclaves. It is the responsibility of the user to remove autoclaved material and disposed of it properly. Users must fill out the autoclave log sheet for each use.

Cold Storage, Freezer, and Refrigerator Space

Four walk-in cold storage rooms are located at the west-end of the headhouse. The use of these rooms is scheduled by the BRC Director. Changes in temperature settings must be approved by the BRC Director. All items stored in these locations must be clearly labeled with the user's name, office phone number and dated. Unlabeled materials will be discarded. Storage of food and drinks are prohibited.

Storage Areas and Pesticide Storage

A limited amount of storage is available in the headhouse. Greenhouse sections should not be used for storage of large items. Small items used on a daily basis may be stored in watertight containers in the greenhouse. Nothing should be placed on the perimeter heat coverings located along the walls of the greenhouse sections or in the greenhouse corridors.

Pesticide and fertilizer storage and mixing rooms are located in the headhouse (room H107). All undiluted pesticides and fertilizers should be stored in these areas. Please refer to Pesticide Safety Guidelines for specific details regarding pesticide use.

Employee Restrooms and Showers

Greenhouse staff has priority for locker and shower use. Available lockers are assigned by the Greenhouse Director. Lockers should be clearly labeled with the user's name.

Biosystems Research Complex
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