Biosystems Research Complex

The Clemson University Biosystems Research Complex is a programmatically focused research facility that includes three  components: the Laboratory, Headhouse, and Greenhouses.


  • 108,000 gross square feet of space distributed on 4 floors
  • Ground floor is primarily a seminar area and mechanical equipment space
  • 3 upper floors are of a generic design and contain the infrastructure to accommodate varied research initiatives
  • Each research floor contains four 2,500 square foot research laboratory suites
  • Smaller specialty labs are located on the perimeter of each floor
  • Common equipment areas for autoclaves, dishwashers, long term freezer storage and centrifuges are located on each floor
  • Walk-in controlled environment rooms and shared equipment rooms adjoin each research suite
  • Investigator offices are located in a clustered administrative area on each floor
  • Two large office suites house a biological computing center and graduate students

Research groups from various departments of the university will occupy the laboratory building, according to the space allocation guidelines and processes. The endowed Coker Chair will also be housed in the laboratory building.


  • 16,000 gross square foot support facility for the greenhouses
  • Complete utilities backup with on-site generator and redundant boilers
  • Seven, 100 square foot, walk-in growth rooms
  • 2 reach-in growth chambers with room to accommodate 25 total
  • Four controlled environment rooms
  • 1,000 square foot demonstration area


  • 40,000 gross square feet under glass aligned along 2 enclosed corridors
  • 32 research sections each with individual environmental controls
  • Automated environmental controls for cooling, heat, humidity, shade and lighting
  • Archived environmental data for each area and outside ambient conditions
  • Mist propagation with bottom heat
  • Photoperiod control (light exclusion)
  • Overhead sheltered outside growing areas

The Greenhouse Complex is intended to provide varied levels of controlled environment for plant growth. The greenhouses include state-of-the-art research and growing areas. Two sections have been designated for teaching; the other sections are available for research.