Biosystems Research Complex (BRC)

The Biosystems Research Complex (BRC) conference rooms are designed and equipped to support programmatic activities and will not be used for regularly scheduled administrative meetings. Scheduling of the facilities needs to be as flexible as possible due to the dynamic nature of program design, development and implementation, the need to schedule program meetings on short notice, and the importance of having maximum flexibility in the use of the Polycom technology. Priority is given for programmatic use; however, other groups may use the facility, if available. To schedule, complete the online reservation form.

Facilities and Capabilities:

BRC Conference Facility, ground floor, Room G-100

  • Conference table will seat approximately 12
  • 8 folding tables (6 ft)
  • 45 chairs
  • Pull down screen
  • Four data ports
  • 1 phone line and one speaker telephone for conference calls
  • 1 Polycom unit
  • Large break room


BRC Conference Facility, ground floor, Room G-100

Normal access is provided through the door at the Northwest corner of the building. For large events involving off-campus guests, the doors on the Northeast corner of the building (under the glass tower) can be used if prior arrangements are made. Please pick up the key in 101 Barre Hall at least one hour prior to the event and return it at the conclusion of the event.

Setup and Clean up:

Users are responsible for setting up the room, for all clean-up and for leaving the facility set-up in its original configuration.

Use of Polycom Unit (distance audio and video communications):

  • The Polycom unit is kept in a locked storage area.
  • Event coordinator must make arrangements with an information technology consultant to set-up, connect and troubleshoot the Polycom unit at least one day prior to the conference.
  • Any additional equipment required for the event (computers, projectors, etc) is the responsibility of the event coordinator.
  • Please cancel reservations as soon as possible if the conference is cancelled so the equipment and room will be available for use by others.