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Fitness Assessment

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Fitness Assessments

Fitness Assessments are offered at Fike Recreation Center and are conducted by a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). A Fitness Assessment will determine current fitness level, as well as any areas that may need improvement.


  1. Please complete the Fitness Assessment Registration Form
  2. Wait to be contacted by our staff confirming that your registration form has been submitted (please give us at least 72 hours to contact you; If you are not contacted within this timeframe, please email cufitness@clemson.edu
  3. Once your registration form has been reviewed by our staff you will be contacted with further details.
  4. You may either pay online via the online portal shared with you after being paired with a trainer, or you may pay in person the day of your Fitness Assessment at the Welcome Center with the trainer present.
Fitness Assessments will cost $20 for all Campus Recreation members regardless of what assessment options you end up completing.

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Cardio Condition options include the choice of a 1-mile test, 12 minute walk/run test, or the Queen College Step Test.

1-Mile Walk/Run Test- Participant will walk or run a mile and estimated VO2max is calculated to determine aerobic fitness levels.

12-Minute Walk/Run Test- Participants will walk or run for 12 minutes. The total distance covered is recorded and utilized to calculate the estimated VO2max which is used to determine aerobic fitness levels.

Queen College Step Test- Participants step up and down on platform at a rate of 22-24 steps per minute. Heart rate is taken after and estimated VO2max levels are calculated to determine cardiorespiratory fitness levels.

Flexibility Assessment options include the Sit and Reach test, shoulder flexibility screening, and ankle flexibility screening.

Sit and Reach- The sit and reach tests the flexibility of the lower back and hamstrings.

Shoulder Flexibility- Tests are done to assess flexibility levels in the shoulders and determines if there is any asymmetry between the left and right shoulder.

Ankle Flexibility- Tests are done to assess flexibility levels in the ankles and determines if there is any asymmetry between the left and right ankles.

Strength Test options include pull ups, sit ups, a plank test, and grip strength testing.

Pull Up Strength Test- Client will perform as many pull ups as possible and results will be compared to national averages based on gender, age, weight, number completed, and if the pull ups were assisted, standard, or weighted.

Sit Up Strength Test- Client will perform as many sit ups as possible and results will be compared to national averages based on gender, age, weight, number completed, and if the sit ups were assisted, standard, or weighted.

Plank Test- Client will test their core strength by holding a plank position for as long as they can. The length of time the plank is held will determine the score rating.

The objective of your first assessment is to give you a baseline from which to measure your performance. Subsequent assessments will provide milestones to help you evaluate your progress.

  1. Please arrive on time, and meet the Personal Trainer conducting your assessment in the Fike Lobby.
  2. Make sure to wear the appropriate clothing as identified by your trainer (varies depending on the assessments you are interested in).
  3. Drink plenty of water the 24 hours prior to your assessment to ensure normal hydration.
  4. Avoid food, alcohol, tobacco, and coffee for at least 3 hours before your assessment.
  5. Avoid exercising on the same da as your assessment. Exercise will elevate your blood pressure and resting heart rate – invalidating these measures.
  6. Try to get a good night’s sleep the night before your assessment.
  7. Please inform a staff member if you have any acute respiratory infection or related condition.

Age Requirements:

Participants must be 18 years or older to participate in a Fitness Assessment.


Cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to the scheduled Fitness Assessment. If a cancellation is not made a minimum of 24 hours prior to the Fitness Assessment, the client will be charged for the full session and the fees will not be refunded. The same applies for a "no-show."

Participant Membership Requirements:

Fitness Assessment participants must hold a current Campus Recreation membership via being a Clemson University student or member of the facility.

Participant Responsibilities:

Participants must adhere to all Campus Recreation membership and facility policies and procedures found in the Policy Handbook.
Appropriate attire must be worn during the assessment. Please refer to the Campus Recreation Policy Handbook for guidelines.
Participants must report to the lobby of the recreation center to meet their trainer before the Fitness Assessment.


Fitness Assessment fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full at the Welcome Center at Fike Recreation Center prior to starting the Fitness Assessment.

Fitness Assessment Package Restrictions:

Fitness Assessments are non-transferable and non-refundable. Medical conditions which prevent the Fitness Assessment from being completed may be refunded if a physician's note is provided.

Assessment Locations:

Fitness Assessments will be conducted in Fike Recreation Center.

Session Times:

Fitness Assessments will begin at the time agreed upon by the Personal Trainer and participant.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please call 864-656-2350 or email cufitness@clemson.edu 


Please reference the Clemson Campus Recreation Policies and Procedures for further details on the above information.


**Fees are nonrefundable. All payment must be completed before services are rendered.