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Small Group Training

Small Group Training takes a small group of participants and incorporates personalized coaching from nationally-certified instructors. Each class focuses on progressive training for a specific skill and utilizes different modes of endurance training, strengthening and conditioning to help you towards your fitness and wellness goals. Different classes are offered each semester. Check back often for new offerings!

Class Formats

Paddleboard Fitness

Paddleboard Fitness brings a variety of workouts including core strength, high intensity interval training, and yoga to the water! Introducing the element of an unstable surface fires up your intrinsic balance muscles and makes your workout much harder! Paddleboard and PFD (personal floatation device) included in the price of class.  

Women on Weights

This pilot class is geared towards all women to help increase confidence in the gym while learning new strength-training exercises. Proper use of equipment is emphasized, as well as learning why strength training is important for women. A progressive routine takes you through 8 classes of new workouts, leaving you more confident and much stronger! Join us to find out how strength training can kick your fitness and wellness goals into gear!

 "The Women on Weights training was transformative in many aspects. While I saw gains in strength and muscle definition, I also learned the skills and gained the confidence to write my own workouts using free weights and machines. This practice has enabled me to continue training long after the class has ended. The value in this class is much more than the training sessions and the differences that you see during the eight weeks. The long–term benefit is the skills to confidently add weight training to your routine."–Amy Anderson, former participant

Couch to 5K

Want to start running but don't know where to begin or train for a race and need some motivation and structure? Couch to 5K will get you to your goals with individualized progression and support. Classes meet in the Lobby of Fike Recreation Center. $50 total for 8 classes.

Inversion Yoga

This advanced yoga class will focus on all types of inversions, or positions which place your head below your heart. Some goals that will be set for participants in this class may include: arm balances, tripod, headstands, forearm stands, and handstands. It is recommended that participants have a familiarity with yoga moves and are looking to advance their practice.


*Minimum of 2 participants needed to hold each class

Small Group Training Registration Form

Registration for all Small Group Training classes can be completed by submitting the above form and presenting payment at the Welcome Center in Fike Recreation Center.

If you have any questions regarding Small Group Training, please call the Fitness & Wellness office at 864-656-7617 or email cufitness@clemson.edu.