Custom Group Experience

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Campus Recreation's Custom Group Experience programs strive to create opportunities for engagement of student and community groups that foster a sense of empowerment and community. Programs and trips are designed to meet the goals and vision of the group. We provide custom group experiences that:

Program Request:
Interested groups should complete Custom Group Experience Initial Intake Form.

Groups should submit an initial intake form at least 4 weeks prior to their desired program date. Based on the group's request, an agreement will be made to accommodate that participant count. If the group increases the amount of participants, they will be charged according to the per person rate for each additional participant. There is no guarantee that an increase will be possible once the Agreement has been signed.

Custom group experiences with Clemson Outdoor Recreation and Education (CORE) provide trip leadership, equipment, transportation, logistical planning, food and more. Simply choose your activity, let us do the rest!

Popular Trips
Popular Trips Average Cost
Whitewater rafting on the Nantahala River  $45 per person
Kayaking and paddleboarding on Lake Jocasse $35 per person
Mountain biking in the Clemson Experimental Forest  $30 per person
Day hike in Panthertown Valley $35 per person
Overnight camping along the Chattooga River $75 per person
Service and Adventure Trip in the Clemson Experimental Forest  $15 per person
Bonfire at Snow Beach on Lake Hartwell $30 per hour

Have another idea for your adventure? Just ask! CORE is happy to create a custom trip for you!

For more information about all Clemson Outdoor Recreation and Education has to offer, visit the CORE website.

Group Development programs may be created as an add–on to a custom group trip, group fitness class or may stand alone. These programs strive to create opportunities for engagement that foster a sense of empowerment and community. Our Group Development Facilitators will travel to your meeting space on or off campus or facilitate activities within Campus Recreation facility spaces. Popular Group Development activities may focus on:

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Trust

  • Problem Solving

  • Adaptability

  • Leadership

Group Development Program Menu:

Program Length
Program Length Average Cost
Short day, 2 hour $15–$18 per person
Half day, 4 hour $30–$36 per person
Full day, 6 hour $45–$54 per person

*Minimum of 8 participants is required.

Custom group experiences with Fitness & Wellness program may include private fitness classes of any format. Classes can be designed to focus on muscular endurance, power, agility, flexibility, or mindfulness. 

Classes and Workshops
Classes and Workshops Average Cost
Yoga/Meditation $60 for 60 minute class
Dance/Fitness–Zumba, Werk It, WERQ $60 for 60 minute class
Strength/Conditioning–HITT, Kickboxing, Solid COREange, Raise the Barre, Howard's Rock Bottom, Tiger Pump, TigerFIT $60 for 60 minute class
Cycling–Cycling, Pedal & Pump, Cycling & Abs $60 for 60 minute class up to 35 people
Functional Fitness–F45 $75 for 45 minute class up to 27 people
Wellness Workshop $60 for 60 minute workshop

*There is an additional $10 minimum fee for hosting fitness classes outside of Campus Recreation facility spaces.

For more information about everything Fitness & Wellness has to offer, visit the Fitness and Wellness website.