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Day-Use Lockers

Fike Recreation Center

*Day-use lockers are designated by dark blue stickers on the front of the lockers.

*Day-use lockers are available free of charge during a member’s visit to Fike Recreation Center.

Day-use Lockers are located:

  • Outside Club Gym.
  • In the back hallway by the climbing wall.
  • In the core hallway.
  • In the Men’s Locker Room, numbers 376-385
  • In the Women’s Locker Room, numbers 235-244

Locks are not provided for day-use lockers, but can be purchased at the Welcome Center desk.

All locks, personal gear, and other valuables must be removed from the lockers on the day of use prior to Fike closing. Locks left on day-use lockers and items remaining in day-use lockers will be removed by Campus Recreation staff at the end of the day.

Campus Recreation is not responsible for personal items that are lost or as a result of theft or due to being removed by Campus Recreation staff.

Douthit Hills Fitness Center

All lockers at Douthit Hills Fitness Center are day use lockers.

The lockers are located in the hallways at the group fitness studios, outside the locker rooms, and inside the locker rooms.

The lockers have digital locks so the member may set their own combination when they use the locker. No additional locks are required.

Directions for setting combinations are posted near the lockers and assistance is available at the Welcome Center Desk.