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Our Story: Program Highlights 

About Campus Rec Fitness and Wellness

Check out what Fitness and Wellness entails in 2019. This video touches on Group Fitness, Personal Training, Functional Training, and F45 Training.

Be A Star Program 

Sport can be powerful! For this pilot program, Intramural Sports teamed with ClemsonLiIFE to host STAR basketball, where students participated along side ClemsonLIFE students while emphasizing the values of Sportsmanship, Teamwork, And, Respect. We can't wait to introduce more Be A Star initiatives next year! 

RecFest 2017

RecFest 2017 was a success! 

Clemson Running Club

Members of the Clemson Running Club all agree that they love their sport! When they noticed students in the local school district weren't introduced to running until high school, they decided to do something. Now, in their second year leading the running clubs at local elementary schools, the club has found the experience rewarding and look to expand even more.

Explore Adventure

The start of one's college journey is an exciting time no matter who you are. For some first year students, the journey begins with a bit more adventure than most. The Explore Adventure program offers incoming students a chance to participate in local outdoor recreation opportunities, form community with other students, and build their confidence and skills to start their Clemson story in the best way possible.

RecFest 2016

Nearly 2,000 first year students engage with Clemson Campus Recreation & our sponsors for their first night on campus.

Clemson Campus Recreation is Moving Forward 

The 2016-2017 Clemson Campus Recreation highlights!

Telling Our Story - Clemson Club Volleyball

For some student-athletes, joining a collegiate varsity sports team is all they ever dream of. But what happens when joining the varsity team causes them to lose their love and passion for the sport? Take a look at Savannah's journey from joining the Varsity Volleyball Team to finding her home with Clemson Club Volleyball. 

Club Softball Marathon Fundraiser

The Clemson Club Softball Team has found immense success on the field, however it is their leadership and commitment to community service off the field that makes them a truly remarkable club. Learn about this club's special connection to the Clemson community and what drives them to give back each year.