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School of Nursing

Accelerated Second Degree Nursing

The application for fall 2023 is now open through September 15th. All interested students from Clemson University or any other institution should apply through the Undergraduate Admissions Transfer Application and choose SUMMER 2023. This is in case any remaining prerequisite courses need to be completed prior to beginning the program in August.

The ASD Nursing track is designed for individuals who have previously earned a Bachelor's degree from a regionally or nationally accredited college or university. This is an intense full-time track of study, including rigorous clinical experiences. All classes and clinical experiences associated with this track are based out of the Greenville, SC and surrounding area hospital systems.

  • New student cohorts will begin this track each fall semester. Each cohort will be comprised of up to 32 students.
  • The 16-month track consists of four, full-time consecutive semesters (fall, spring, summer and fall) and will lead to a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.
  • All prerequisite courses must be successfully completed prior to the start of classes.
  • ASD Objectives

    Upon completion of the track students will be able to:

    • Use communication skills to interact effectively and appropriately with individuals, families, groups in the community, and other members of the health care team.
    • Demonstrate personal and professional responsibility and accountability for personal nursing practice in accordance with the highest standards and codes of the profession.
    • Use critical thinking to provide community based professional nursing care for diverse populations across the life span in multiple settings.
    • Employ leadership and management skills and knowledge of health policy to enhance the quality of nursing care.
  • ASD Admission Requirements

    The requirements for admission to the Accelerated Second Degree Nursing program include:

    1. Bachelor's Degree from a regionally or nationally accredited college or university
    2. Prerequisite courses must be completed prior to beginning the track, not prior to submitting application
    3. Cumulative or last 60 hours GPA of at least 3.0
  • ASD Curriculum Plan

    ASD students are considered full time students and are in the track for 4 semesters.

    Fall - Hours 16 (13,9)

    • NURS 3100 Health Assessment 3 (2,3) (2 Lecture Hours, 3 Lab Hours)
    • NURS 3040 Pathophysiology for Health Care Professionals 3 (3,0)
    • NURS 3400 Pharmacotherapeutic Nursing Interventions 3 (3,0)
    • NURS 3120 Medical-Surgical I 4 (2,6)
    • NURS 3200 Professionalism in Nursing 3 (3,0)

    Spring – Hours 15 (11,12)

    • NURS (HCG) 3330 Healthcare Genetics 3 (3,0)
    • NURS 3030 Medical-Surgical II 7 (3,12)
    • NURS 3050 Psychosocial Nursing 3 (3,0)
    • NURS 3230 Gerontology Nursing 2 (2,0)

    Summer -Hours 15 (9,18)

    • NURS 4010 Mental Health Nursing 5 (3,6)
    • NURS 4110 Nursing Care of Children 5 (3,6)
    • NURS 4120 Nursing Care of Women and Their Families 5 (3,6)

    Fall – Hours 16 (9,21)

    • NURS 4030 Medical-Surgical III 5 (3,6)
    • NURS 4140 Community Health 5 (3,6)
    • NURS 4100 Leadership Management 6 (3,9)
  • Financial
  • Contact

    Program Coordinator

    Cynthia Mihalchick
    (864) 720-2056

    Greenville Address

    Clemson University Nursing
    605 Grove Road
    Greenville, SC 29605

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