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School of Nursing

School of Nursing Honors Program

The Clemson University School of Nursing honors program is an opportunity for top achieving scholars to make the most of their time in the nursing program. The mission of this program is to advance evidence-based nursing practice through distinction in nursing education, leadership, research and knowledge dissemination. This program offers all the benefits of being a Clemson University Honors College student while participating in a first-rate undergraduate nursing program.

  • Benefits

    There are many benefits of being a nursing honors student.

    • You engage in exciting research in an area of your choice with some of the best professors at Clemson available to serve as your mentor.
    • You can take advantage of priority registration so you can take classes with the instructors of your choice.
    • Honors classes stimulate learning by utilizing small class sizes, individualized teaching and engaging lesson plans.
    • You will be distinguished from other undergraduate nursing students to help you as you apply for jobs or graduate schools.
    • You will be eligible for funding available to students in the Clemson University Honors College, including:
      • Conference Travel Fund
      • Departmental Honors Research Grants
      • Educational Enrichment Travel Grants
    • You will have the option to live in the Honors Residential College in the Core Campus facility.
  • Opportunities

    These are just some of the great opportunities made available to those who decide to join nursing departmental honors. The aim of our program is to be a nationally prominent nursing departmental honors program that prepares graduates to be innovators in nursing education, practice and research. This preparation allows our students to transform the health of individuals worldwide. If you are interested in advancing your personal and professional goals and becoming involved with some of the best students and professors within the School of Nursing, then apply today.

  • Applying

    The Clemson University School of Nursing honors Program accepts applications each spring from students who are sophomore change of major students or students who will begin their junior year level of nursing classes in the fall. For more information or further questions please contact one of the nursing honors program advisors below.

    Tracy B. Lowe
    Assistant Professor
    School of Nursing
    421 CU Nursing Greenville

    Janice Withycombe
    Associate Professor School of Nursing
    427 Edwards Hall

School of Nursing
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